~This has been my first experience with seeking help for stress and anxiety. Definitely out of my comfort zone. I always believed you just "sucked it up". Thank God I changed my thinking and realized I needed help and thank God for Shelly. Shelly put me at ease talking about myself and my issues. She has been of great comfort and assistance to me. Who knows where I would be currently if I did not reach out for help. Shelly has been my guardian angel.


~ I have been seeing Shelly since May of 2018 and when I came to her I was hurting and in a bad place because of a number of different circumstances. I also had had many issues with previous counselors which caused me to distrust counselors but was really to the point that I knew that I needed help and so reached out to her. I was able to use EAP for the first three sessions which helped because I felt like I didn't need to commit upfront. All I can say is that I am SO thankful that God brought Shelly into my life as a counselor. I am at a better place than I have ever been in my life and actually am looking towards the future. I realize that I have a ways to go but am so thankful to have a Christian counselor who is rejoicing with me in the victories and walking with me through the difficulties. If you are looking for an excellent therapist, I would definitely recommend Shelly with no hesitations which says a lot considering my history with counselors.


~ Shelly has been my source of hope and sanity for the past 5 years. I came to her at a very difficult and dark time in my life and with her support and guidance I was able to get through it. She has helped me look past just the temporary difficult situations I experience and improve how I process my thoughts and actions for a more balanced life.

I cannot thank her enough for her outstanding service and non judgmental attitude in every single session.


~ I have been working with Shelly for appropriately 1 year. I had just lost both of my parents and was grieving immensely. The EAP gave me names of Christian based counselors and Shelly was the one I selected.

~ The first thing I noticed about Shelly was her willingness to listen and provide support. She didn't try to fix me, she empowered me to move forward. She has been very instrumental in bringing other Christians into my life with similar values that continue to help me in the healing process.

~ I continue to work on old and new challenges and feel confident that she will lead me through them with the help and direction of our great creator.

~ I thank God daily for connecting Shelly and I for this journey.

~ I immediately felt comfortable with Shelly. After meeting with Shelly she provided me with excellent clinical knowledge and helped me to identify my issues. During my therapy sessions, Shelly provided me with resources and tools to help me become more confident and assertive. I am grateful to have found Shelly.

~ My husband and I have been working with Shelly for several months and it has been a life changing experience for us both. We have learned more about each other and created a stronger bond in our marriage because of the time, attention, and care that Shelly has shown for us. I am grateful that we found her.